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McMoyler Method Class Logistics

All Courses

  • Address: 2262 California Street between Buchanan and Webster Streets. Please look for our banner posted outside the building.
  • Parking: Street parking is often available, particularly if you look carefully in the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Parking garage located at 2405 Clay Street, located 2 blocks from the course location, on the corner of Clay and Webster.
  • We recommend dropping expectant moms off at the course location while her partner parks the car.
  • Please Bring: at least 2 bed pillows to use for your added comfort. You will be sitting in conference-style chairs and will need 1 pillow to sit on and 1 pillow for your back.
  • We provide "nests" upon request. Nests (provide support in a side lying position) are typically utilized by moms on modified bed-rest, attending class with their Ob/midwife’s permission.
  • Be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing; bring sweaters or blankets for individual comfort needs.
  • MEALS: Options include; eat before you arrive, bring something to eat in class, or stop at a nearby café or restaurant and bring something with you.

One Day Format

  • Arrive close to 9:00 am to allow time for check-in and to enjoy complimentary coffee and tea.
  • The course begins promptly at 9:30 am and ends at 4:30 pm.
  • We provide coffee, tea and water throughout the day. A mid-morning snack followed by cookies and milk during the afternoon break.
  • MEALS: There is a working lunch, all participants remain on site.
    - Bring Lunch with you to eat on-site. Refrigeration provided.

Two Evening Format

  • Arrive close to 5:30 pm to allow time for check-in and to enjoy tea.
  • The courses are taught over 2 evenings beginning promptly at 6:00 pm and ending at 9:00 pm.
  • Hot chocolate, tea and water service provided throughout the evening; cookies and milk served during the evening break.
  • MEALS:
    - Eat before you arrive; you are also welcome to bring a light supper with you to eat on site.