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Testimonials for McMoyler Method

"Sarah is a teacher's teacher. Knowledgeable, compassionate, and sweet. Highly recommended."
- Dr. Dean Ornish, McMoyler Method Graduate

"McMoyler Method prepared us for labor and delivery, reduced our anxieties, and strengthened our connection to each other during the birth. We recommend her approach to anyone who wants to be more engaged and prepared for the wonderful journey of childbirth."
- Pam and Pierre Omidyar, Founder of eBay

"When the time came to have our baby, my wife and I had to make a lot of decisions under pressure. Sarah's help was invaluable; she had us simulate different scenarios before the birth which helped potentially confusing and overwhelming situations seem familiar. The techniques used in her programs reminded me of the ways my Olympic coaches used to prepare us for the big event."
- Jonny Moseley, Olympic Gold Medalist

"We took Course 101 this past Saturday and it was amazing. We walked in with a pretty simplistic view of birth and left with a wealth of knowledge. It feels so wonderful to feel this well prepared. I've spoken to other friends who took other classes and no one else has felt the same amount of confidence that I now do."
- Wendy E.

"The class was educational, inspirational, humorous, and thoroughly entertaining. Best of all, we left the class feeling like it would be a 100% team-effort between Mom, Dad, and Baby!"
- Lisa and Harry L.

"We can't tell you enough how much your class helped to alleviate our 'fear of the unknown'...I loved the open-minded approach to the pain-management choices during labor...I feel MUCH more confident and secure about the whole process."
- Britt and Dennis M.

"The McMoyler Method environment is relaxed, open, and often fun. There is no question you cannot ask. And no area of interest left unexplained. With the inevitable surprises of our son's birth, we felt calm and confident. We knew what was happening at every turn, and participated in every decision that was made. The class alone, made that possible."
- Harry C

"I was what you described as the 'parking lot epidural' woman. I wasn't that scared of labor because I was going to get drugs! So when you made us go through the natural childbirth exercises. The breathing techniques we learned in your class saved us. My husband coached me through, he was able to bring me back to breathing by reminding me about your pain circle. Thanks again!"
- Angela, Scott and Laynie W.

"We are constantly referencing the newborn book now!"
- Beth and David B.

"Now I feel more like doctors and nurses are advocates, rather than opponents."
- McMoyler Method Graduate

"Being a physician, I had low expectations about how helpful the course would be to me. I was VERY impressed and learned a lot."
- McMoyler Method Graduate

"My husband and I enjoyed both of your courses immensely! We learned so much and it really put us both on the same page. We took our hospital tour... on Monday and we felt light-years ahead of the other couples when it came to preparedness. Three weeks ago we didn't know what "skin to skin" was! I have re-read and highlighted the Course 102 binder and I am especially grateful for all of the lists."
- McMoyler Method Graduate